Donna Riccardo

The Speaking Power Specialist

Are you looking for an engaging presentation loaded with valuable content designed to move your audience forward?

Donna will provide your audience with the tools they want and need to advance them towards their goals using humor, truth and an interactive style.

Speaking Power: The 3 Secrets of Public Speaking

What you need to know before you ever say a word!

What Clients are Saying

I worked with Donna to craft a talk to promote my business coaching program. Working with her allowed me to focus my rather ADD-approach to organizing, resulting in bringing my attention to the topic at hand to craft a truly effective talk. I left each meeting with a feeling of accomplishment, as I know that she truly cared about my success.

When I’ve heard her speak, I knew that she knew how to connect with her audience in a unique and impactful way. She presents her material in a very effective style that allows for her ideas to be easily understood. Her active engagement with the audience made me feel like she was talking directly to me throughout the talk.

I have adopted many of the lessons that I learned from her to my great benefit. Her sessions on how to “show up” for those with whom you interact are really eye-opening.

Donna has the roadmap and presentation skills to provide insights into the many little-thought about topics which are critical to the growth of a business. I unhesitatingly recommend her program and coaching to entrepreneurs who are seeking a way to take their business dreams and successes to a much higher level.

But wait, there’s more. Not only is she highly effective with her public speaking skills, she is also fun to listen to and creative in a way that time passes much too fast. That is always a sign of a great speaker who knows her topic well!
Steve Replin
Attorney, Replin Law Group, LLC