Donna Riccardo

The Speaking Power Specialist

Are you looking for an engaging presentation loaded with valuable content designed to move your audience forward?

Donna will provide your audience with the tools they want and need to advance them towards their public speaking goals using humor, truth and an interactive style. Her signature talk is titled:


The 5 Essential Public Speaking Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Get Leads!

What Clients are Saying:

"Working with Donna was game changing for my speaking.
I came to her with a fear of public speaking. I desired to get really clear on who I should speak to and on how to write a solid talk that would give those listening tons of value while desiring more.
Her approach is easy to follow and was immediately effective. I show up as more confident for even short commercials at networking events and have so much clarity about who I am speaking to after working with her. I feel confident that I can write any length talk that will be impactful and that I’ll show up in a powerful way as I communicate my message.
Donna incorporates speaking with personal growth work which makes it even more powerful. I appreciate how she made me think about what my audience was thinking and how to write my content to them. I can now speak in a more powerful way with more confidence and know that my talks will be more impactful for the listener and more effective for me to connect with my audience.
If you are ready to add speaking to your business or you want to make more of an impact with your speaking, I highly recommend working with Donna."
Erin Berry / Women's Love and Pleasure Coach / Erin Berry Bliss