Donna is naturally introverted and was once so terrified of people that she couldn’t even look someone in the eye and talk to them at the same time.

She likes to say public speaking is the most extroverted thing an introverted person can do and that anything extroverted you observe in her has been learned!

Her original career for many years was as a haircutting specialist and trainer in high-end salons in New York City.

She was so afraid of people, she says it was divine intervention that led her there – because there was no earthly reason she ever would have done that!

After many years of being in the professional beauty industry, she moved on and became a trainer in a global personal growth and development company for over 16 years.

Donna is a trained NLP practitioner. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming, and is a fancy way of saying learning the language of your mind which translates into how you talk to yourself and others.

She is an 11-year veteran of Toastmasters, an organization known for public speaking. She has earned the highest award of Distinguished Toastmaster.

She is also a member of the National Speakers Association.

Donna lives in the Denver Metro area of Colorado and enjoys social and competitive ballroom/swing/Latin dancing.  She is also a foodie and loves to cook and eat out. Donna’s sense of humor helps keep her focused on what matters most, which is her passion for making a difference in the community and people’s lives. Her personal motto is “all we really have is each other”.

Donna believes confidence is what is needed to stop playing small and step up into life. Working with entrepreneurs allows her to empower them to reach their full potential. She provides business owners with the skills and knowledge they can start implementing immediately.

Stop struggling and learn what it takes to empower yourself to become a successful public speaker.

Great speakers are trained, not born.

Donna, The Speaker

Are you looking for an engaging presentation loaded with valuable content designed to move your audience forward? Donna will provide your audience with the tools they want and need to advance them towards their goals using humor, truth and an interactive style.

Donna, The Author

Looking for a unique approach to public speaking? Learn how authentic relationships and a courageous and powerful approach to public speaking can move your business forward.

Donna’s new book is coming out September 2021. It’s titled – Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs – how to show up, speak up and get what you want for your business and your life.


Donna, The Speaking Power Expert

As a business coach with a specialty in public speaking, it is Donna’s mission to help her clients develop confidence in front of an audience and connect powerfully with others in a way that attracts the kind of people they need in their lives to have the life they truly desire. After exhibiting entrepreneurial tendencies most of her life, Donna brings a variety of experience to the table, so her clients don’t have to spend the 30 years it took her get there!


What clients are saying:

“For me, standing up in front of a group of potential clients and delivering a compelling message is definitely the most the most daunting part of being a business owner.  

With Donna’s help, I have grown dramatically in my confidence with public speaking. Donna’s input has been invaluable. I trust her to provide specific feedback and a unique perspective.

Debbie Young, Owner, Clarity Bookkeeping Solutions