This 8 week program will give you all the tools you need to speak for your business in a new and effective way.

You will:

Manage your mind for maximum speaking power.

Gain personal presence.

Get crystal clear on your ideal client and your offer.

Learn powerful presentation skills that are necessary and key in getting your message across.

Design and craft a short talk to get heard and noticed.

Present your talk live to accelerate your business and get what you want!

Empowering you to take your public speaking to a new level of connection, clarity and confidence!

Show Up_trans

Presenting information in a clear, effective way is key in getting your message across.

This doesn’t happen by accident, it is learned. I’ve had to leave the stage when I was terrified and didn’t know what to do.

Presentation skills can be learned so that never has to happen to you! 

You will craft a signature talk, which is a business tool to attract clients. It’s based on what you want to be known for.

This isn’t where you speak about what “they” want you to speak about, but what YOU want to speak about to an audience of your ideal client and make them an irresistable offer!

Deliver your talk designed to accelerate your business and gain the visibility you’re looking for.

Get generous, useful real-time coaching and feedback on your talk and your speaking to use going forward in future talks.

Show up, speak up and get what you want!

  • Everyone experiences limiting beliefs, but knowing what to do about it can help you proactively prevent these beliefs from interfering in your speaking. 
  • You will learn how to identify them and have dominion over them and gain power and presence in front of your audience and never be run by your mind again!

It’s important to clearly identify your ideal client so you know who you are speaking to and what is important to them. Otherwise, how will you know what to offer them?

People don’t want to buy from generalists, they want to buy from an expert. You can’t be an expert in everything. You want to be a big fish in a little pond!

Storytelling is the heartbeat of any good talk. This is how you connect with people makes them decide to listen to you or not.

What you don’t say matters as much as what you do say. Your body language can add to or detract from your message.

Know what you need to reach out to meeting planners to get booked.

Get seen, heard and known as an expert in your field.

Show Up, Speak Up and Get What You Want!

Course is delivered live via Zoom

Next program starts March 28, 2023

Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs: How to show up, speak up and get what you want for your business and your life!

As an entrepreneur / solopreneur, you are the face of your business, and often the only person in the business. You may frequently find you are working in your business instead of on your business. Getting out in front of audiences of your target market gives you more visibility. When you increase your exposure, you get recognized as an authority and expert in your field and naturally draw in more business.

Millions of entrepreneurs feel like they are the best kept secret. But, the real secret is public speaking to gain visibility. Speaking to many gains you leads and business all at once and is a lot easier than the one-to-one way of doing things you’ve gotten used to, or were even trained to do.

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My name is Donna Riccardo, I’ve been in the field of public
speaking for over 30 years.

I’m passionate about this field because I struggled with speaking to people one-to-one and to an audience from the front of the room.

I now help women entrepreneurs speak, represent and express themselves powerfully in a business setting.

My clients feel love to feel confident, and have clarity and power in front of an audience to accelerate the growth of their business.

When I speak, I teach my audience how to show up, speak up and get what they want to make the income they need to have the life they want!

What clients are saying:

Michelle Paul

“My time with Donna was worth every minute. I have gone through years of not having the right response of the audience from my presentations to having complete confidence in my new presentation. I couldn’t have structured it without the knowledge and help of Donna. I highly recommend Donna Riccardo – Red Stiletto“.

Michelle Paul, Founder / CEO, Denver Virtual Staging / Denver, CO