This 5 module program will help you engage your business in a new and effective way.

  • The 3 ways you show up for yourself and others
  • Discover and craft your own memorable personal story
  • Create personal business introductions and make real connections so others want to do business with you
  • Design and craft a short talk to get heard and noticed
  • Present your talk to accelerate your business and get what you want!


5 in-depth modules empowering you to take your 

public speaking to a new level of confidence and power

Module 1

  • Explore the 3 ways you show up in life.
  • Find out what stands between you and others, and the business you want to attract.
  • Find out what works about you for others and why it works.
    • Yourself – as an entrepreneur, you are your business and your business is you.
    • Others – this is about relationship and connections.
    • Appearance – this is about appropriate dress for the occasion and why it matters.

Module 2

  • Discover and craft your own memorable personal story and share who you are from your heart.
  • Learn how to make authentic connections and identify and attract the right people for your business.
  • The ones you want to do business with are the people who want to do business with you.

Module 3

  • You will create short business introductions (a.k.a. elevator pitches or commercials.)
  • Walk away with several different approaches to use for any occasion, or mix and match depending on the event or the person.
  • Get in touch with the power of listening from a unique point of view.

Module 4

  • Design and craft a short talk (5-7 minutes) to be seen, heard and known.
  • Work within a structure to organize your talk for maximum impact.
  • Work with the power of storytelling to enhance your talk.
  • Find clarity in your message and the confidence and ability to communicate it.

Module 5

  • Present your talk to accelerate your business and get what you want.
  • Get generous, useful coaching and feedback on your talk and your speaking to use going forward in future talks.
  • Learn presentation skills that make all the difference.
  • You will speak before an audience at the end of the program.

Get seen, heard and known as an expert in your field.

Show Up, Speak Up and Get What You Want!

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Course is delivered live via Zoom weekly format.

My name is Donna Riccardo, I’ve been in the field of public speaking for 30 years.

I’m passionate about this field because I struggled with connecting with people one-to-one – and from the front of the room.

I help entrepreneurs represent and express themselves powerfully in a business setting.

I love to help my clients feel confident, and have clarity and power in the presence of others to accelerate the growth of their business.

When I speak, I teach my audience how to show up, speak up and get what they want to make the income they need to have the life they want!

What clients are saying:

Michelle Paul

“My time with Donna was worth every minute. I have gone through years of not having the right response of the audience from my presentations to having complete confidence in my new presentation. I couldn’t have structured it without the knowledge and help of Donna. I highly recommend Donna Riccardo – Red Stiletto.

Michelle Paul, Founder / CEO, Denver Virtual Staging