Avoid saying “you guys”, “youse guys (Jersey version – I’m from NJ) or “y’all.

There is no one in the room by any of those names! Each person of your audience is an individual, and while speaking to them collectively makes sense to you from the front of the room, it isn’t personal to the listener – the person you want to impact. However, people are used to hearing it. You can set yourself apart by avoiding using those expressions and making it more personal. You want to speak to all of them as if you are speaking to each of them.

Use the word “you” instead.  I.e., I would like to share with “you” today. Rhetorical questions are also a good choice, such as – have “you” ever found yourself in this situation? What do “you” think about the way you dress for a talk having anything to do with your audience? Have “you” ever put your head on the pillow at night and asked yourself – am I doing enough for my clients?