Unconventional public speaking preparation. A lot of people have public speaking nerves. Just one of the sources of this is they don’t realize they are telling themselves the audience is judging and/or comparing them.

You actually have complete control over what you say to yourself before, during and after you speak.

Consider you can “create who the audience is” as opposed to the default negative self-talk we have. A common one is “they are judging me and comparing me to other speakers”.

What if, rather than listening to the negative self-talk you have, you intentionally told yourself they are excited to be there and looking forward to what you have to say? They DID come to hear you speak, after all! Who doesn’t want to speak to people that are excited to see them speak?

The more excited and interested in them you are and what you have to say, the more excited and interested they will be in listening to you!

That’s one way to create the synergy and energy flow between you and your audience! It all starts with you, which is the good news. We have everything to say about how it goes and our experience of ourselves and our audience.

Use what you create to calm nerves in the beginning and interrupt any nerves or body sensations that creep in.

By the way, they ARE judging and comparing you. You and I do it, too. So what?! You cannot do anything about that. But, you can do something about what you are telling yourself.

Who doesn’t want to speak to an audience that is excited to be with you, is pulling what you have to say towards them and hungry for what you have to share with them?

Empower yourself by telling yourself something about who the audience is that is who you want to speak to!